ERS Teaching Awards

Presented to: Sofia Schiza, Marcus J. Schultz, Winfried Randerath

The ERS Teaching Award is presented to multiple recipients in recognition of their contributions to teaching and education in the field of respiratory medicine.

Sofia Schiza

Professor Schiza is Associate Professor in Respiratory Medicine at the Medical School, University of Crete, Greece, Somnologist Expert in Sleep Medicine, Chair of the ERS Sleep and Control of Breathing Assembly Group 04.02, and Head of the Sleep Disorders Center, Medical School, University of Crete.

She has been an active member of ERS since 1993, and in 2019 was elected as Chair of ERS Assembly Group 04.02. Professor Schiza is actively involved in sleep medicine, as shown by her past and present activities as a member of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS), Assembly of National Sleep Societies and the European Sleep Apnea Database. Sleep breathing disorders have been the focus of her clinical and research interests, mainly cardiovascular and metabolic consequences of OSAS and sleep in COPD and IPF. She has 101 publications in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in books, and numerous invited lectures in national and international congresses. She is currently a member of the ERS/ESRS Task Force ‘Drivers Licensing for Patients with OSA’, of the ESRS Task Force ’Beyond the AHI’, and of ERS guidelines committee for ’Non-CPAP OSA Therapies’. Professor Schiza served as a member of the organising committee for the Sleep and Breathing conference that took place in Marseille in 2019 and will again for the upcoming Sleep and Breathing conference that will take place in Prague in 2021.

Additional educational activities within ERS include her roles for the ERS HERMES examination in adult respiratory medicine and on the ERS sleep training programme committee. One of her main tasks, initially on a national level, was the development of educational activities, including active support of and collaboration with her medical students, university-based PhD programmes, and fellowships for sleep with a focus on sleep breathing disorders. From 2016 she has served as Chair of the Educational Committee of Hellenic Sleep Research Society (HSRS). She has been a member of the Postgraduate Committee and the ERASMUS Committee, Medical School, University of Crete since 2016. Since 2015, she has been responsible for the establishment and operation of a postgraduate course in sleep breathing disorders at the Medical School, University of Crete, resulting so far in six master’s and 4 PhDs.

One of her main tasks as a Chair of ERS Assembly Group 04.02 is to increase the role of sleep in respiratory diseases, to develop novel educational and research activities in the areas of clinical and basic science in sleep, increase the engagement of junior members and the development of networks and basic science in sleep, further strengthen the collaboration with ESRS, and expand the audience of her group to allied healthcare professionals and GPs with an interest in ERS activities to facilitate cross-functional opportunities. So far, ERS Assembly Group 04.02 have led on the development of educational videos for the ERS e-learning platform, online modules referring to sleep breathing disorders in respiratory diseases, and a webinar for sleep in the new era of COVID-19 launched to provide suggestions for sleep laboratories operation during pandemics.

Marcus J. Schultz

Professor Schultz is Chair of Research in the Department of Intensive Care and Founder of the Laboratory of Experimental Intensive Care and Anaesthesiology (LEICA) at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (Amsterdam, NL), as well as honorary lecturer at Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford University (Oxford, UK).

After finishing his medical studies (cum laude) in 1990 at the University of Amsterdam, Professor Schultz has focused his career on internal and intensive care medicine. With over 750 publications, his scientific work has allowed him to obtain several fellowships and grants, including from ERS and the EU. He has endorsed over 50 PhDs.

With ERS, Professor Schultz has taken on numerous roles as a member, editor, secretary and chair for several sub-committees and task forces. He has also been involved in the organisation of the first Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation Conference and co-edited an ERS handbook for invasive ventilation. Professor Schultz spends much time on bedside training and education in intensive care medicine, at home in Amsterdam, within a network of intensive care units in ten South Asian countries, and with ERS.

Winfried Randerath

Professor Randerath is Medical Director of the Bethanien Hospital Clinic for Pneumology, Sleep Medicine and Pulmonary Intensive Care, Germany, and Director of the Institute for Pneumology at the University of Cologne.

After his medical studies in 1987 at the University of Duesseldorf, Professor Randerath entered the field of pneumology with a focus on respiratory and sleep medicine. With over 300 national and international publications, his scientific work focussing on respiratory failure and sleep and breathing disorders has received a lot of attention, earning him a fellowship from the American Thoracic Society and American College of Chest Physicians, and the Meier-Ewert Award of the German Dental Sleep Medicine Society.

His contribution to educational activities within ERS includes his role on the committees for the ERS HERMES examination in adult respiratory medicine, the ERS HERMES syllabus, and the ERS Sleep Training Programme. His role over the years has covered the development of content as well as the delivery of an ERS HERMES self-assessment course in India in 2019. He has hosted and promoted multiple ERS Fellows in Germany and lectured regularly at postgraduate courses on sleep, which take place each year at the ERS International Congress as well as at the Sleep and Breathing conference every second year. He has also taught at the ERS Summer School of adult respiratory medicine and contributed to the European Sleep Research Society Sleep Textbook.

He has been Secretary General of the German Society of Respiratory Medicine (DGP) since 2018 and has served as a board member of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine and the German Interdisciplinary Society of Home Mechanical Ventilation. He has also chaired the Northern Westphalian Society of Sleep Medicine since 2009. Within ERS, he has served as Group Chair of ERS Sleep and Control of Breathing Assembly Group 04.02 from 2015–2018. He has also chaired multiple ERS Task Forces in the past and the present. Professor Randerath chaired the congress of the German Respiratory Society in 2018, the congress of the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine in 2007 and 2014, and the Spring Meeting of the West German Respiratory Society in 2010.

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