Practical information A-Z


Cash Dispensers

Cash dispensers are located in the Mall near Foyer A and next to Foyer D.


No official lunches will be provided for Congress participants but there will be a number of lunch facilities around the congress centre, including cafeterias, restaurants, bars and several coffee/snack points.


A cloakroom service for coats and reasonably sized luggage is available during the opening hours of the Congress. The Cloakroom service will be located in the Registration area and is at the Delegates' own expense.

Data scanning system

Congress badges will have a QR code that contains a link to some of the personal data (first/last name, address, e-mail and professional category) delegates have submitted to ERS to register for the 2020 ERS International Congress. By allowing any third party to scan their badge during this event, delegates give their consent to share their data with them. The barcode will act as an electronic business card. Nonetheless, delegates are under no obligation under any circumstances to share their details with any third party during this event. This does not include the security checks at the entrance of the Congress Center or of each hall.

Dates and opening hours

  Congress centre Registration Speakers' preview room ERS sessions Industry evening symposia Exhibition
Saturday, 05 September 07:00-21:00 07:00-18:15 07:30-17:30 09:30-17:30**    
Sunday, 06 September 06:30-19:30 06:30-17:30 07:30-17:30 07:00-16:45 17:15-19:15 09:00-17:00
Monday, 07 September 06:30-19:30 06:30-17:30 07:30-17:30 07:00-16:45 17:15-19:15 09:00-17:00
Tuesday, 08 September 06:30-19:30 06:30-17:30 07:30-17:30 07:00-16:45 17:15-19:15 09:00-17:00
Wednesday, 09 September 06:30-13:30* 06:30-14:00 08:00-11:00 07:00-12:45   09:00-12:00

* No afternoon sessions

** Postgraduate Courses only

All timings are subject to change

Dress code

Dress will be informal throughout the Congress. ERS reserves the right to refuse access when deemed necessary for the comfort and safety of all delegates.

Exhibition Access

This exhibition is restricted to Healthcare professionals. The general public (Inclusive of patients and children) are forbidden by international law to enter the exhibition or any room hosting an industry activity. In addition, the ERS asks delegates and faculty to refrain from taking children to any scientific sessions or practical demonstrations. In the event that children are required to enter the Congress centre, they should by supervised by an adult at all times and observe the restrictions that apply to limited access area. In the event that a member of public is invited to participate in the ERS Congress Scientific Programme, they should be accompanied by a qualified Healthcare professional or ERS representative, observing the ERS restrictions where appropriate.

Hotel Desk

A Hotel Desk will be available in the Registration area from Saturday 05 September to Wednesday 09 September 2020, during Congress opening hours.

Insurance and disclaimer

ERS accepts no liability for injuries and/or losses of whatever nature incurred by participants and/or accompanying persons, nor for loss or damage to their luggage and/or personal belongings. Please check the validity of your own insurance.


The official language of the Congress is English. No translation will be provided.

Lost and Found

Please refer to the Cloakroom for the Lost & Found items.

Mobile phone policy

Please respect your fellow colleagues and friends by switching off your mobile phone in all meeting and poster rooms.


Delegate car parking is available at a cost of €3.00 for the first hour and then €3.50 for each additional hour.


The education, scientific and industry program of the congress will highlight state-of-the-art clinical practice, recent advances, new data and views from different stakeholders and international organizations, all of which can be found in the Programme-at-a-Glance available in the Registration area.


Please pay special attention to your personal belongings, especially when walking around the city center and in the public transportation system.

Any security problems or concerns within the Congress Centre should be reported to a uniformed member of staff. Emergency exits are marked with exit signs.


The ERS congress will take place in Messe Wien, which is a smoke free venue. The smoking ban applies to the whole buildings, including the catering locations and loading areas. As smoking is a major cause of lung disease, ERS further asks Congress participants and exhibitors not to smoke in Messe Wien or any area within 100 meters of the building.


Taxis will be available outside the entrance of Foyer A and Foyer D during congress days and opening times.

Tourist information

The Vienna City Desk, located in the Registration area, will be available to provide further information about the city and your visit.

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